Preschool Program
(3 - 5 Years)

Explorative Minds

Preschool – For Creating the Habit of Learning

Preschool with Focus

The Place to begin a truly long Journey of learning

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Preschool Environment

At  Maplelawn Childcare, we believe preschoolers learn through play. Students engage in fun activities all while expanding their minds and exceeding developmental milestones. Utilizing the nationally renowned Frog Street curriculum, our preschool daily schedule includes activities that facilitate language, STEM, social-emotional, fine/gross motor development.


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Preschool Focus

In addition to fostering our students’ budding minds, Maplelawn Childcare  teachers also teach Preschoolers to care for themselves and others. Students develop a sense of community by learning to kindly and safely navigate relationships with peers and teachers all while understanding that their individuality is valued and celebrated in the classroom.

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Introduction to STEM

Preschoolers learn to express and take care of individual needs to gain independence and confidence, and they learn to communicate with each other and with teachers to express their concerns and ideas in a loving, supportive environment. It is at this level, preschoolers are introduced to Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM)

Preschool Learning Goals

Where Learning Gets Attention


Play-based learning

Preschoolers learn best through play, as it engages their imagination, creativity, and problem-solving skills. Providing a variety of open-ended materials and activities, such as blocks, puzzles, dramatic play, and art supplies, allows them to explore and learn at their own pace while fostering their cognitive and social development.


Hands-on experience

Preschoolers benefit from hands-on experiences that involve active participation. Engaging them in science experiments, nature walks, cooking projects, and sensory activities helps them develop a deeper understanding of the world around them. Hands-on learning experiences enhance their critical thinking, observation, and problem-solving abilities.


Language Development

Promoting early literacy skills is crucial for preschoolers. Offering a print-rich environment with a variety of books, writing materials, and opportunities for storytelling supports language development. Encouraging conversations, asking open-ended questions, and introducing letter recognition and phonics activities lay the foundation for reading and writing skills.


Social and Emotional

Preschoolers also need support in their social and emotional development. Teaching empathy, conflict resolution, and cooperation helps them build positive relationships with peers. Creating a supportive and inclusive classroom environment where children feel valued and respected allows them to develop self-confidence and emotional resilience, setting the stage for future academic success.

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At Maplelawn Childcare, our priority is for each preschooler to feel cherished and empowered as this is the foundation of a successful learning environment.



What Parents Say About Our School

Jazmine Senn
Jazmine Senn
22 March 2024
My son has been going here since he was 3.5 months old. He loves his teachers. As a first time mom, I was nervous sending my child to school. They are great with all the kids and he has developed so many skills. They are great!
George Oluyole
George Oluyole
15 March 2024
Amazing glad we brought our daughter here
Opeyemi Ojo
Opeyemi Ojo
28 February 2024
My little man started attending here since he was 4 months and he's now 11 months. And so far, all I have experienced with the school has been worth it. The teachers are caring, nurturing and attentive to my baby's needs. The classroom is always clean and the environment is so conducive for learning. My baby is learning fast! I want to appreciate the Director Ms V, for always paying attention to details. I highly recommend for your little ones! It's a good Montessori foundation.
Kimberly Blystone
Kimberly Blystone
16 February 2024
Ms V at the front desk is wonderful. She is attentive, caring, and a good listener. I really appreciate the joy she brings in our daily interactions and feel comforted knowing my children are cared for.
Meriem Zahaf
Meriem Zahaf
9 December 2023
I’m so happy about Maple lawn Montessori, I had my first child when he turned 4, 2 years ago he did the preschool before he went to public school we were so happy after that we decide to bring the 2 years old , he starts on September and we can see a big difference since he stars until now he is learning a new skills even the numbers we are so happy .
Chama Ajdir
Chama Ajdir
16 November 2023
There are so many wonderful things I can say about Maplelawn school. Location, staff, enrichment programmes,cost, and most importantly the education and care that my daughter receives is amazing. The staff is truly welcoming and inviting, and when we walk through the doors we feel as though we are in a nurturing and caring environment. They not only educate our children, they shape young minds by showing them practical everyday life skills and how to be more independent as they grow.
indria robertson
indria robertson
25 October 2022
I’ve been calling for a almost 2 weeks to ask for pricing. I’m always getting the run around as to what time the lady comes in, she’s gone on break, call back this or that day! It took for me to call another location to get the price. I called back to be sure their price matched the other locations price and she says she doesn’t know. I’ve left my name and number to be called back 3 times. NEVER CALLED BACK. Unprofessional much! Every time I call I hear someone yelling in the background at the kids asking why they’re not sitting down or doing this or that. The yelling isn’t necessary especially when you have a potential client wanting to enroll her 3 month old. So I think I’ll pass on this locations services! Thanks for nothing!
Katherine Korompis
Katherine Korompis
30 June 2020
We've been bringing our daughter since she was 4 months old and she's now 3 years old. Before coming here, we've looked at 10 other daycare institutions in Columbia area, but the curriculum, location and professionalism of Maple Lawn Montessori Academy and staff offer made our decision easier to bring our daughter here. Our daughter skillset is very advanced for a 3 year old. She loves learning and continues to excel with any task at home as well. Her development and motor skills amaze us the most as parents. Thank you to the instructors and staff who nurture and take their time to ensure a great foundation to our daughter's development skills and learning experience.

How to Enroll

Welcome to Maplelawn Childcare, we believe that early childhood education sets the foundation for a lifetime of learning. We are thrilled that you are interested in enrolling your child in our program! Here is a simple and step-by-step enrollment process:

A. School Tour

Plan and set up a tour with the school office. You will receive basic school information at that time and experience all the available facilities. Get clarifications for all your questions.

B. Submit Application with enrollment fee

Once you’ve decided to enroll your child at Maplelawn Childcare Laurel branch, you’ll need to fill out an application form. The application form asks for basic information about your child, such as their name, age, and any special needs they may have. Get enrollment form by clicking the below button.

C. Select a Start Date

Once you have decided the date of starting shcool for your child, check with us for availability of space. If space is available, pay the requisite fee and provide necessary documentaion (you can download necessary forms here). On completing these steps, your child is ready to start the school.

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Best-in-Class Day Care

Our Commitment

Safe and Healthy environment

Safe and Healthy Environment

Maplelawn Childcare is a safe, secure, and stimulating environment that positively engages and celebrates children and their families through a world-class childcare support system.


Daily Engagement

Daily Engagement

Learning is a dynamic process that occurs throughout the day; thus the child needs to be engaged in meaningful, playful and joyful learning experiences.



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Home away from Home

A home away from home, they are managed by committed and experienced teachers with strong backgrounds in caregiving and early years learning, who personalize the experience to accommodate each child’s emotional, social, and intellectual needs and temperament.